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Integrating Fitness Into Your Daily Self-Care


Writer: Sheila Olson, creator of


Photo credit by Unsplash

We all know that taking care of ourselves is important, but an often-overlooked area of self-care is physical fitness. Many of us make the mistake of assuming that self-care means rest. The truth is that the right workout can improve your physical and mental health, and even your sleep and relaxation. But how can you fit it in your busy life? Let’s learn.

Adding Fitness To Your Busy Schedule

The reality for most of us is not that we don’t have extra time. It’s that we don’t manage the time we do have properly. has two excellent tips to help you do just that. First, assess how you use your time – all of it. For example, checking email or social media several times a day is inefficient. Try to lump those tasks together and tackle them only a few times a day.

They also advise rethinking exercise goals. If you do not exercise, start with small increments such as 20 minutes, three times a week. This will give you time to develop the habit of working out.

Another idea is to exercise efficiently. Pick a simple workout you can do anywhere that accomplishes a lot in a short period of time such as Tabata training or burpees for 20 minutes. Read more ways you can stay fit even with a demanding job in this article from  On days when you don’t even have that much time or energy, has some simple ways to sneak in exercise.

Selecting Exercises You Like

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to set up and stick to a fitness routine is to make sure you are choosing exercises that you enjoy. Burpees may be great in a pinch, but most people don’t like doing them everyday. Here are some fun fitness exercise you can do and their health benefits:


Yoga is an excellent choice because it allows you to get fit, physically and mentally. You not only learn poses that work your muscles, you’ll also learn breathing, meditation, and relaxation. Like with any form of exercise, the key is consistency. Make practicing each day easier and more convenient by setting up a dedicated space in your home. According to HomeAdvisor, any room or corner will do, it just needs to be uncluttered and well-lit.


While water play is fun for most people, swimming has a unique benefit. Research shows that it can decrease one of the risk factors for heart problems, lower blood pressure for people with hypertension, and allows easier movement in the water for people who are overweight or obese. It’s still a workout though!


In addition to being fun for outdoor enthusiasts, hiking is one exercise that can double as a social activity. According to Shape Magazine, it can firm your core. It also challenges you to move in multiple directions (up, down, sideways) as you navigate terrain, giving you the benefits of multiple gym exercises. And your exposure to nature and sunlight is great for your mental health too!


Dancing is not just a date-night activity. It can improve your health by giving you a great cardiovascular workout that doesn’t feel like exercise! Dancing helps people of any age can benefit from improved motor skills, stretched muscles, and increased range of motion. CNN reports that it can help slow memory loss in seniors. So shake your booty to prevent aging!

Self-Care Around Fitness

For those who are or become obsessed with high-energy workouts, you need to remember self-care as well. recommends you remember to workout properly by warming up, cooling down, and keeping hydrated. You should also do breathing exercises to help reduce stress and regulate your nervous system.

Fitness is an important part of self-care. Take the time to work it into your schedule so you can stay healthy and balanced in all parts of your life.

Cult-based charity scam from the Philippines


last summer I was in the wal-mart parking lot in medicine hat, Alberta, and a woman approached me asking for cash donations "to save the children". I asked questions and took photos of her material, she contacted a man who came to tell me to stop filming. I continued filming and asked them for identification. They did not provide it. I called the Medicine Hat police, who responded and spoke with them. I called the phone number on the website and didn't get any reasonable answers.

here is that video:

 I called them to try and find out more.

nothing but frustration, they wouldn't discuss identification, or name tags...

here is that call:

this summer they came to my door. The lady lied about collecting money for a local school, and I called her out on that when I saw her CHILDREN'S JOY FOUNDATION materials.

the update:

Tips for Taking Care of Yourself as a Brand-New Parent



Photo via Pexels

Becoming a new parent often means that your self-care routine falls apart. With every moment spent changing diapers, feeding, and doing laundry, it’s hard to find the time to take care of yourself. However, feeling healthy will allow you to put as much energy as possible into raising your child and enjoying new parenthood. Though it may seem impossible, here are some ways you can fit self-care into your new, busy life.


Rest Whenever Your Baby is Sleeping


Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest threats to well-being that new parents face. In order to avoid feeling like a zombie for weeks, it’s important that you try to get as much sleep as you can whenever possible. Today’s Parent highly recommends adopting the common advice to sleep whenever your baby sleeps. Even if your child is just nodding off for a 20-minute nap in the middle of the day, take the opportunity to lay down and rest instead of scrambling to get chores done.


Find Healthy Ways to Deal with Stress


The constant lack of time for tackling household chores, errands, or social obligations can put a lot of stress on new parents. Find stress-reducing activities so you have healthy coping methods to turn to when you start feeling out of control.


For example, you could dedicate a good half hour every evening to wind down with a good book or a hot bath. You may enjoy trying meditation or yoga as a calming way to reduce stress in the mind and release tension from the body. Just five minutes of meditation here and there can be enough to quiet a frazzled mind. Also, try to spend quality time with your partner and talk about your feelings whenever possible. Importantly, avoid turning to addictive substances to help you cope with stress, including alcohol and prescription medications.


Get Active Whenever Possible


How in the world are you supposed to find the time to exercise if you can hardly find the time to feed yourself? Good question. According to The Bump, the key to getting active as a new parent is to take advantage of short bursts of time rather than trying to find a full hour, or even half an hour, to exercise during the day. Strap your baby into a stroller and get outside to walk around the block. Take advantage of your baby’s tummy time and do some floor exercises next to them. Once your baby is old enough to hold their head up on their own, you can even use them as a weight during squats or lunges!


Force Yourself to Go Out


New parents who stay home with the child often feel isolated, so it’s important to seek social interaction and support. Being able to go out and have a quick coffee with friends will help you manage stress and feel more in control of your own life. Try to go out and meet friends even when it feels much easier to just stay home. You can even look for local mom groups to meet up with. These parents know how difficult it is to get a new baby out of the house and understand if you need to cut outings short.


Set Boundaries for Visitors


When you have a new baby, there will be several people who want to come to visit. However, entertaining visitors just adds to the stress of new parenthood. Try to spread out the visitors so that you aren’t stuck with people in your house every day. Don’t feel bad about turning down offers to visit if you’re just feeling too exhausted. Also, don’t be afraid to put people to work. Take them up on their offers to help by letting them do the dishes, fold the laundry, or run a few errands for you. They may even be able to watch your baby while you take a much-needed shower.


Being a new parent is wonderful and terrifying at the same time. It's easy to forget to care for yourself when a new child is suddenly completely dependent on you. But, if you're constantly walking around in zombie mode, you're more likely to be forgetful or make mistakes. Strive to find little bits of times for self-care and enjoy new parenthood while it lasts!

Home Modifications: How To Make Changes For A Child With Disabilities


Making home modifications may seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you’re on a tight budget or have never made changes to the interior of your house before. And while they can be tricky to navigate, these changes are important for individuals who are living with a disability, and they may make life easier for everyone in the family.


There are many steps in a home modification project, so taking things one step at a time and planning well is important. Go from room to room to get a sense of what changes need to be made; make a list, then do a little research into what the costs will run. Remember that there will be several factors that go into cost, including materials, and any one of those factors could influence your decision and the outcome of the project. For instance, a threshold ramp in a doorway could cost as little as $100, but larger ramps, depending on material and size, can cost $1,000 to $15,000.

Having a good plan is key, so start here to find a few tips on how to prepare your home and make it more accessible for your child.


Make lists

Getting organized is the first step when it comes to home modifications. You’ll want to look at each section of the house and make lists of any changes that need to be done, and be specific. In the bathroom, you might want to put in relatively inexpensive changes, such as a grab bar and rubber, non-slip mats in the shower, but you’ll need to think about your child’s daily needs at the same time. Does he use a wheelchair or other large equipment? What makes the most sense when it comes to making the bathroom a safe place for him to have privacy and independence? For a good idea of how much home modifications will cost, check out this helpful article.


Look at state and city guidelines

Before making any changes, it’s a good idea to check with the city to make sure there won’t be any building permits needed. Every state has different laws and regulations, and doing the research beforehand will prevent any nasty surprises down the road.


Think mobility

It’s important for your child to have mobility in and around your home, which means it may be necessary to construct ramps or widen doorways. Stairs could be an issue, as well, and may require a lift to be installed. Making it easier for your child to get around will not only keep him safe, it will broaden his independence and allow him to do more for himself.


You should also think about the ease of use for much of your home; what comes easily to you may not be the same for your child, such as opening cabinets and drawers. Installing simple latches (for older children) will make many tasks much easier.


Make it safe

Your child’s safety is imperative, and sometimes that means thinking outside the box when it comes to home modifications. For children on the autism spectrum, changes such as installing a motion detector near the exits may be necessary. Removing clutter and rearranging furniture is another simple but effective way to make positive changes that will affect your child’s ability to stay safe at home, along with adding lighting to dim areas and securing large pieces of furniture to the walls to prevent tipping.


It’s important to talk about the changes with your entire family so that everyone is on the same page, especially if you have other children. Make sure everyone is comfortable with the modifications and is knowledgeable on how to use them. With a good plan and excellent communication, changing your home for the better will be easy.


6 Rainy Day Activities Your Child Will Love


Photo from: Pexels

Photo from: Pexels


Rainy days don’t have to mean a halt in summer fun. In fact, a good stormy day can lead to lots of indoor quality time where you can bond with your child on projects that they’ll love and even learn from. Here are six great activities to have in your rainy-day plans.


Read Together


Reading out loud to your child not only helps them foster a love for books and reading, but it also improves their behavior and their academic performance. According to a recent study, it can also change your child’s brain activity.


The author of the study, Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus, program director of the Reading and Literacy Discovery Center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, said, “The more you read to your child the more you help the neurons in this region to grow and connect in a way that will benefit the child in the future in reading.”


Here are some ways to help your child see these benefits.


  • Pick some of your old favorites and share them with your child.

  • Use a fun pad to read a book together by visiting sites like Storyline Online.

  • Encourage your child to write their own book.

  • Take in a regular reading class at the local library or bookstore.

  • Talk about the book as you read it together.

  • Introduce your child to different children’s literature genres.


Turn a Real-World Job Into Learning


Children can understand the adult world better when you show them applicable lessons from real-world jobs. Set up school for a day and make your child a student in the business of real estate, for example, with some cool lesson plans. Real estate is a complex field that requires skills in math, science, English, social studies, and home economics. By incorporating real estate-based lessons into your curriculum, you can help students gain valuable skills in practical math application, presentation giving, forming a persuasive argument, earth science, and more.


Teach Your Child the Joys of Cooking


According to the Child Development Institute, children who learn to cook will see several benefits, such as nutritional eating and weight management, math skills, and an appreciation of what mealtime takes. Working with your children on some fun recipes that they can select online will also be a valuable time to teach them safety in the kitchen, how to work as a team, problem-solving skills, and how to expand their palettes.


Become a scientist with Your Child


One of the greatest things about teaching science is that you don’t have to teach from a book. Many children are visual learners, meaning they learn when things are broken down into charts, graphs, and experiments. It brings science to life for these children. Science experiments and discovery can be done in some great ways.


  • Take a virtual tour to explore a science museum like Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.

  • Head online to find a science experiment, such as making your own elephant’s toothpaste.

  • Find some classic Moody Science videos online.


Start Online Music Lessons


Music lessons are said to have a number of benefits for children like boosting brain power, learning patience and discipline, improving memory, and building confidence. Read some online reviews of guitar lessons or piano lessons and sign your child up to get started. This way, they’ll have a fun, rainy day activity always at the ready, and at the end of the summer, they’ll have something to show for it.


Teach the Value of Fitness

According to the American Heart Association, one in three children are obese, and that means parents aren’t educating their child about the value of nutrition and fitness. Spend time online finding a fun exercise or dance video that you can get silly together doing.


Rainy days don’t have to be boring. Prepare ahead to have ideas ready so your child can enjoy the day with you. These are the memories you’ll make together that will last a lifetime, and not just as memories, but as life lessons in things like eating better, learning better, developing a love for music, and on and on.


Must-Have Modifications for Parents with a Disability


By: Ashley Taylor

Parenting is challenging, but for parents with a disability, there are many unforeseen hurdles that must be conquered. There are thousands of parenting resources out there, but for a parent with a disability, the obstacles you face when raising a child will be unique to you. For people who have issues with mobility, hearing, vision, or mental health, caring for a child requires adaptations. It may seem daunting or intimidating at first, but your disability does not have to stand between you and your dream of becoming a parent. Simple accessibility modifications to your home and your routine can empower your ability to provide a safe, loving environment for a child. You can create a home that supports your growth as a parent with:


  • Raised cribs with a gated front that opens up on a hinge, allowing parents in wheelchairs easier access for putting their baby to sleep.

  • Calm, serene meditation areas to help ease stress and anxiety.

  • Ovens, stoves, fire extinguishers, and smoke detectors at heights that allow parents in wheelchairs accessibility to quickly handle burning food or fires. For parents with hearing loss, alarms that vibrate and light up can help alert you to safety concerns.

  • Grab bars and handrails in and around areas where falls or slips are a risk, including near the bathtub to help you safely bathe your child.

  • Wheelchair ramps at entrances and exits with stairs.

  • Eliminating tripping hazards from worn, torn, or peeling rugs or carpet. It’s also important you teach your children to pick up toys off the floor to reduce the risk of falling or tripping.

  • Natural lighting in as many rooms as possible to help reduce the feelings of sadness and hopelessness that often accompany depression.

  • Contrasting colors on floors and walls to help parents with low vision designate and find different areas for play, napping, eating, and cuddling.

  • Non-slip rugs and mats that can help reduce the risk of a fall.

  • Braille and textured labels for food and snacks to help you — and your child — plan recipes and cook meals.

  • Backyard fencing that keeps your kids in specific safe zones where you can reach them quicker in case of an injury or emergency.

  • Audio temperature gauges on faucets and other hot water areas to help parents with vision impairments control how hot the water can get.

  • Raised toilet seats for accessible potty training.

  • Velcro bibs, large buttons, and easy-gripped zippers to make taking clothing on and off, which is easier for people with severe arthritis and other joint mobility issues.

  • Soft structured baby carriers for parents with back injuries.


Children watch the world around them, including the people in it. It won’t take long for them to notice their mom or dad is different, and they will likely ask you why. Having a parent with a disability is a great learning experience for children and adults, which is why it is important to talk to your kids about both your disability and disabilities in general. This can help your child value your abilities above your disability and understand the importance of having empathy for people who are different. For example, if there is a child in a wheelchair or with a hearing impairment in their class, your child can model compassion and inclusivity for other students.


Even though it may seem like you are alone in these experiences, there is a lot of support out there if you look for it. From groups of other parents with disabilities to reinforcement from your work or church, you can find people going through similar situations who are ready to support and encourage you on your journey into parenthood.


My Forever Blessing 3D/4D Ultrasound



Having a baby is exciting. It's a time for celebration, and to rejoice with family and friends. 9 months of anticipation can be tedious, and a little bit stressful. While Canadian hospitals provide excellent health care, and an ultrasound is part of pregnancy, the process at the hospital is provided to assess a baby's health and overall development; it is clinical, and sometimes less exciting when the doctor is uncertain about gender.



My Forever Blessing 3d/4d Ultrasound is a home-based business in Medicine Hat, Alberta, where an expert ultrasound technologist provides a warm, comforting service. The room is cozy and carpeted, there are enough chairs for partner and parents, and a selection of teddy bears lines the wall. The teddies aren't just for show, or for a sibling-to-be just to play with... These plush toys will soon have a heartbeat installed, which is recorded from the studio that is your womb. A tiny speaker is embedded in the soft toy, so that for the next few months, you can hear the beat of the heart, and enjoy that moment with loved-ones. The audio quality is surprising; but the real show-stopper is the video.


The ultrasound technologist will scan for facial features and other physical features, blinking, cute stretches and yawns, thumb sucking, and the all-important gender reveal; So you can choose a surprise down the road, or start choosing baby clothes right away. All of these moments are captured by heat and sound waves, and compiled into a very beautiful video and photos, which become ever-lasting memories.

Some new parents say these images encouraged them to transform into parents faster, and it helped them kick bad habits, like smoking and drinking.


“First Peek” package includes 2 photos and the heartbeat recording. “gender Peek” offers the ability to accurately determine gender, and more photos in place of the heartbeat recording. The premium package “All About You” includes a DVD recording of your 4D scan, with music of your choice to accompany the session's movie. This package is heavily discounted if booked twice during the pregnancy.

Tel: 1-204-761-6224  TEXT IS OK

SARC / SART has new Services


June 15, 2017

 Sexual Assault Response Team available in South Zone

Partnership improves co-ordinated sexual assault supports and services

 MEDICINE HAT — Individuals who have been sexually assaulted in the Bassano, Bow Island, Brooks, Medicine Hat and Oyen areas now have additional options for care and access to a specialized team of physicians.

 The Medicine Hat Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) launched earlier this month. It provides medical care and sexual assault examinations to people, 14 years of age and older, within 96 hours of the assault. This includes treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted infections and other blood-borne infections, pregnancy prevention options and management of other medical concerns, as well as provision of resources for followup care, such as counselling. Children under the age of 14 years old are referred to a pediatrician.

 “Medical care is always available to anyone who has been sexually assaulted,” says Dr. Lena Derie-Gillespie, Alberta Health Services (AHS) SART Team Lead and Medical Officer of Health, South Zone. “What’s changing is how we provide care so that patients will feel more supported throughout the entire process.”

 Dr. Derie-Gillespie says all patients seeking care at an emergency department for sexual assault now have three care options depending on their situation:  

  • Medical care only.

  • Medical care and immediate reporting to police.

  • Medical care with anonymous evidence collection while the individual decides next steps, including whether to report the incident to police.

SART will assist when a patient requests that forensic samples be collected, which could assist in a police investigation if the individual decides to report the assault to city police or RCMP.

 “Sexual violence can have psychological, emotional and physical effects,” says Staff Sgt. Trevor Humphries, Medicine Hat Police Service, Major Crimes Section. “Having a specialized team to provide immediate and ongoing support to victims will improve their care, as will providing them the option to report the crime to police when they are emotionally able to, without the loss of physical evidence.”

 SART physicians work collaboratively with emergency department physicians, nurses and social workers, patients, local police (when requested by the patient) and the southeastern Alberta Sexual Assault Response Committee (SARC). SARC is responsible for co-ordinating community services for people who have been sexually assaulted, such as access to counselling, education and other resources.

 Christina Johnson, SARC Executive Director, says that by working in partnership, more support can be provided to the people who need it most.

 “We've seen a 350 per cent increase in demand for our counselling program within the past year,” says Johnson. “As more sexual assault/abuse survivors come forward, service providers need to be prepared and work together.”

 Comfort kits, which could include items such toiletries, clothing or blankets, are provided to sexual assault survivors when attending the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital or accessing services through Victims Assistance.

 From 2012 to 2017, emergency departments in Medicine Hat, Brooks, Oyen, Bassano and Bow Island provided care to 114 individuals who reported being sexual assaulted.

 From April 2016 to March 2017, SARC has assisted 212 individuals affected by sexual violence. Of these clients, approximately one in four reported the incident to police and about six per cent accessed medical care following the assault.  

 AHS provides sexual assault response teams and services throughout Alberta.

 Alberta Health Services is the provincial health authority responsible for planning and delivering health supports and services for more than four million adults and children living in Alberta. Its mission is to provide a patient-focused, quality health system that is accessible and sustainable for all Albertans.

 - 30 -


For media inquiries, contact:

Lisa Squires

AHS Communications

403-581-9036 (cell)

Rita Sittler

Medicine Hat Police Service


Richelle Oerlemans

SARC Communication and Administration Specialist




#BurgerGate Medicine Hat Arby's goes off the grid


A follower on facebook sent in a tip that a local fast-crafted sandwich shop (with a drive-through) was suspicious. The tipster said they went to the drive through and saw that all of the Arby's logo's had been removed, and the drive-thru attendant said they were now called "John's".
In this small market, I though most business owner would know to make an announcement of some kind (especially with those big glowing digital signs on the road). So I honestly figured it might be somone playing a prank... But the more I asked around, the more I got confusing responses. So I called Arby's Corporate HQ, and the local shop:

Arby's customer care was cool AF, and encouraged me to go make a movie!

I even did A live facebook video with the food, to talk about the experience:

My only real criticism was that the boss had a website: (btw, having the word "SHAT" in your domain is not great for your image). This website was obviously set up so that his employees could see their schedule. But it was totally public, no password or login required. This meant ex-employees were sharing the website, and allowing anyone who wanted to, to monitor their schedules. (Pretty creepy, and likely a violation of a privacy policy with Arby's, and possibly even a legal issue between employees and owner / management)

This website was removed about 30 minutes after I posted the story, and the website address, which included a clear screenshot of the schedule).

You can use DomainTools to look at the archived versions of the web page.

I found out the owner's name from this search, and found him on facebook to ask him about the location. He accused me of harassing the employees, saying "they have already been through enough". He accused me of breaking some kind of law for recording the Arby's Phone call, and the one with his staff (I believe it was his wife on the phone when I called, who told me it was now John's).

He even told me I can never go back!

Well, that's odd... My only intention was to find out if it was a new, locally owned restaurant, and in finding that out, and enjoying some great fast food, I seem to have spooked the owner.

I'm still pretty suspicious that he's got a whole bunch of actual Arby's stuff in the freezer, and he's selling it was white label. But who cares? Not me!

Arby's lawyers are probably litigious as hell considering how bad the brand has been doing in Canada. I wish John's the best! I love to help out a local business owner if I can. It's really too bad he responded by accusing me. It just makes me more suspicious... 

But this is how some of the fans saw things:

(as they drove through this busy drive-thru for the first time in years...

Missing Hutterite Girls


A post on facebook was shared over 7000 times, a father was looking for his daughter and niece, who went missing together. 

Here is the call I had with him:

Later, a post was made on Alberta Missing Report, detailing all the information on their apparent disappearance.

I received messages indicating the girls had left on their own accord, and even left notes for the father, who himself, said they sent a text message outlining the laws on their departure.

The comments were being deleted on the original post.

Then the post, and the Alberta Missing Report page were deleted.

many children on this website are reported as "LOCATED" rather than having the post deleted completely.

many children on this website are reported as "LOCATED" rather than having the post deleted completely.


At this point it's clear the young girls made the decision to leave and had the legal authority to do so. The father has told me they are known to be safe now.


"We are please to inform you That Leandra and Rachel have been located by the Medicine Hat RCMP and are safe. In a conversation with Pete Waldner told Alberta MR at 11:30am, that he would like to thank everyone for helping spread the word, and keeping the girls in your thoughts. He is pleased 1with the outcome of finding the girls, and having peace of mind knowing they are in a good place. Thank you for helping us spread the word."
- Alberta Missing Report


Corona Tavern's "Birth Gender" Bathroom Sign.


First, I was alerted by locals in the LGBTQ community that this sign had been posted at the local bar, and that an incident had occurred were a trans-woman was asked not to use the ladies room, due to the "M" on the license she presented. Her Name is River Rising, and she posted this about the sign. 

I went to make sure the sign was real:



So I called management to ask about it:

a few hours later they posted this:

long with this photo, where the other set of bathrooms in the bar, now has a gender neutral label. So that there are 2 ladies rooms, 1 mens room, and 1 gender neutral restroom (with urinals in it)

Misleading Car Sales Letter


A nationwide car dealership marketing company has started a very questionable mail-out. CBC ran a story on a BC dealership:

I spoke on the phone with Auto Gross Marketing's director of sales. He said I was the first journalist to contact him about the new marketing campaign.

Veinerville oil well spewing crude


Veinerville oil well spewing crude:
Today I went out to visit a site multiple locals had informed me about. They said they were afraid for their children and pet's safety, as there was a local oil well that was openly leaking a large amount of black tarry crude oil. 
Here is the video I got March 29th:

The oil company contacted me:

Dave and I spoke on the phone:

Oh? it got removed because Dave Slugget complained to YouTube that I shared his name and it was not newsworthy!?

I guess I'll have to re-upload it without his name on there:

They sent me a cease letter through email:

This letter was left at the home of a local resident. No contact, letter was left in car port.

Attempted Child Abduction: alleged perp may be on the Loose in Southern Alberta


A local Medicine Hat father told me he thought a child predator was trying to lure his daughter online. He sent me these screen captures.



That night he took over his daughter's account, and acted as if he was interested in meeting (as the decoy girl).

They met at a local convenient store and a car chase ensued, the suspect got away, and they only had a vague car description:

File: 16-6559 Attempting Child Luring
On the evening of March 25th, 2016 members of the Police Service received a complaint of a male attempting to lure on-line an 11 year old female within the City of Medicine Hat. The parents of the 11 year old victim intervened in the on-line conversations, prior to the suspect meeting the victim, but did observe him at the pre-arranged location within the City. The suspect is described a Hispanic / Black male, mid-30’s, with darkpatchy facial hair wearing a hat and a hoodie. The suspect was driving a newer style grey/silver car. Anyone with information on this offence is asked to contact the Medicine Hat Police Service at 403-529-8481. The Major Crimes Section is investigating the incident.

The Police Service would like to remind the public to remain vigilant in checking your children’s on-line activity, and ensure you are aware of on-line conversations they are having. Follow these Safety pre-cautions to minimize your on-line risks.

Keep your pages private. Only allow "friends" or designated people to see your information.
Don't share personal information online. Many people want to post their school, work, etc. on their pages. DON'T DO IT! This is more information that a predator could use to stalk you with.
Keep your pictures to a minimum. One or two pictures you want to share with friends is ok. Anything more is a potential danger. If you want to show more photos, try emailing them to your friends and family or make them completely private
Don't talk, add or chat with people you don't know and have never met. Just because you have heard a name or share a mutual friend does not mean that person is safe, so block them and don't communicate with them
If a stranger attempts to contact or add you online, tell a family member and write down the name. Don't delete what the stranger sends you. If something happens to you, they may need that information to track them and save your life.
Don't talk about your daily routine or anything too personal. Your family and friends already know about you, they don't need to see all your personal information posted online. Special events can be shared over phone or email, not social media networking.