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THE MONARCH THEATRE AND THE CCDA PART 4 (Interview with employee)

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THE MONARCH THEATRE AND THE CCDA PART 4 (Interview with employee)


OCT 27: an ex-employee of the theater (now adult) sees my local coverage and asks if we can do an interview on the phone with her voice changed. Groundbreaking info!
Sexual harassment, the mayor knew, the newspaper knew, nobody would do anything! 
(Long but worth hearing if you want info from a direct source!)

"Sexual harassment... wanting to touch children like that? ... he asked me if he was being inappropriate, and I told 'yes!' you cannot say these ... any other job I worked at, this would be a huge factor of you being fired!" 
A shorter excerpt from the conversation with the ex monarch employee. She names CCDA board members and the mayor. She says the police weren't able to act and left it back in the hands of the Board.