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5 Things you should know about the CCDA / Monarch Situation.

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5 Things you should know about the CCDA / Monarch Situation.


5 things you should know about CCDA / Monarch situation:

First the young employees complaints of sexual harassment at the Monarch were silenced by the CCDA, and the city of Medicine Hat.

Second, the mothers of victims were attacked at a public meeting, silenced.

Third, Natasha Shannon advocates on behalf the Monarch Theater Employees, that were victims of sexual harassment by filling a human rights complaint. Natasha was silenced, and removed from the CCDA by City council at the Dec 21st city council meeting.

Fourth, Stakeholder Shila Sharps brought forward overwhelming evidence which supported the victims, and Natasha Shannon's claims of harassment and discrimination by the CCDA. Sharps, also said to council on dec 21st: "I just want to point out that it is retaliatory in nature, and illegal, to remove someone while there is a human rights complaint that is active." Sharps was ignored. City council went ahead and unanimously voted "YES" on both issues at hand; the CCDA budget approved in full, and removing Natasha from the board. All public input was ignored.

Fifth, the "independent report" from Kara Securities has been in the hands of the CCDA since Saturday, yet, from Sunday until now, I'm front page news.


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Full interview with ex-employee:


Most important part of interview with ex-employee:


A public stakeholders meeting where mothers of victims are silenced:


short clip of heated exchanges at public meeting (upset mothers):


After being off work for 2 weeks, the manager returns to work The Monarch Theatre:


My City Council coverage on Dec 21st (with post-interviews):

FULL VIDEO (from the City):