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Door-to-door Furnace Rental Scam Uncovered

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Door-to-door Furnace Rental Scam Uncovered


A guy came to my door to "inspect my furnace for efficiency".. I had heard about this scam before:


So I recorded his pitch:

A few days later I saw more activity on the video, FROM THE SALESMAN I GOT ON VIDEO So I called the company to ask some questions:

A technician in another city was called in to fix all of the problems that Prairie Home Services installed. He discovered some major issues and code violations.

Code Violations:

1. Union inside cabinet.

2. No fresh air intake for duct system

3. No visible primer used on 636 pvc venting(was it used? ???) Must be visible.

4. Venting for furnace AND water heater back grading.

5. No support on AC lineset

Was there a electric permit pulled for sub panel and AC Install? Was there a permit pulled for gas / furnace abd water heater? Do they even possess a business licence in the city of fort Saskatchewan?

They begged the customer not to call the city..... They have failed to produce permit numbers in the last 3 despite being asked on 4 separate occasions.

This is the subcontractor:


For the low fee of $23,000 in 120 easy payments.

"Fresh air intake under the duct. They vented both out there to begin with then ran it up the roof instead. That is spray foam to plug the 3 inch hole they drilled in there house."
"Gas union placed inside the furnace cabinet is a big nono"