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Attempted Child Abduction: alleged perp may be on the Loose in Southern Alberta

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Attempted Child Abduction: alleged perp may be on the Loose in Southern Alberta


A local Medicine Hat father told me he thought a child predator was trying to lure his daughter online. He sent me these screen captures.



That night he took over his daughter's account, and acted as if he was interested in meeting (as the decoy girl).

They met at a local convenient store and a car chase ensued, the suspect got away, and they only had a vague car description:

File: 16-6559 Attempting Child Luring
On the evening of March 25th, 2016 members of the Police Service received a complaint of a male attempting to lure on-line an 11 year old female within the City of Medicine Hat. The parents of the 11 year old victim intervened in the on-line conversations, prior to the suspect meeting the victim, but did observe him at the pre-arranged location within the City. The suspect is described a Hispanic / Black male, mid-30’s, with darkpatchy facial hair wearing a hat and a hoodie. The suspect was driving a newer style grey/silver car. Anyone with information on this offence is asked to contact the Medicine Hat Police Service at 403-529-8481. The Major Crimes Section is investigating the incident.

The Police Service would like to remind the public to remain vigilant in checking your children’s on-line activity, and ensure you are aware of on-line conversations they are having. Follow these Safety pre-cautions to minimize your on-line risks.

Keep your pages private. Only allow "friends" or designated people to see your information.
Don't share personal information online. Many people want to post their school, work, etc. on their pages. DON'T DO IT! This is more information that a predator could use to stalk you with.
Keep your pictures to a minimum. One or two pictures you want to share with friends is ok. Anything more is a potential danger. If you want to show more photos, try emailing them to your friends and family or make them completely private
Don't talk, add or chat with people you don't know and have never met. Just because you have heard a name or share a mutual friend does not mean that person is safe, so block them and don't communicate with them
If a stranger attempts to contact or add you online, tell a family member and write down the name. Don't delete what the stranger sends you. If something happens to you, they may need that information to track them and save your life.
Don't talk about your daily routine or anything too personal. Your family and friends already know about you, they don't need to see all your personal information posted online. Special events can be shared over phone or email, not social media networking.