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My Forever Blessing 3D/4D Ultrasound



Having a baby is exciting. It's a time for celebration, and to rejoice with family and friends. 9 months of anticipation can be tedious, and a little bit stressful. While Canadian hospitals provide excellent health care, and an ultrasound is part of pregnancy, the process at the hospital is provided to assess a baby's health and overall development; it is clinical, and sometimes less exciting when the doctor is uncertain about gender.



My Forever Blessing 3d/4d Ultrasound is a home-based business in Medicine Hat, Alberta, where an expert ultrasound technologist provides a warm, comforting service. The room is cozy and carpeted, there are enough chairs for partner and parents, and a selection of teddy bears lines the wall. The teddies aren't just for show, or for a sibling-to-be just to play with... These plush toys will soon have a heartbeat installed, which is recorded from the studio that is your womb. A tiny speaker is embedded in the soft toy, so that for the next few months, you can hear the beat of the heart, and enjoy that moment with loved-ones. The audio quality is surprising; but the real show-stopper is the video.


The ultrasound technologist will scan for facial features and other physical features, blinking, cute stretches and yawns, thumb sucking, and the all-important gender reveal; So you can choose a surprise down the road, or start choosing baby clothes right away. All of these moments are captured by heat and sound waves, and compiled into a very beautiful video and photos, which become ever-lasting memories.

Some new parents say these images encouraged them to transform into parents faster, and it helped them kick bad habits, like smoking and drinking.


“First Peek” package includes 2 photos and the heartbeat recording. “gender Peek” offers the ability to accurately determine gender, and more photos in place of the heartbeat recording. The premium package “All About You” includes a DVD recording of your 4D scan, with music of your choice to accompany the session's movie. This package is heavily discounted if booked twice during the pregnancy.

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